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Governance Program



The overall objectives of the Governance Unit are to improve the quality of life of Cambodians by advocating for transparency and accountability in public services, and to change Cambodian attitudes and mentality toward corrupt practices as unacceptable no matter how small the amount involved.


CSD advocates for all necessary legislations and laws so as to lay down the legal and juridical foundations to fight and curb corruption.  CSD collaborate with lawyers and all parties concerned to identify corruption cases that could be taken forward in a court of law and to identify cases involving bribery or fraud for which there is strong evidence and for which laws and penalties already exist and attempt to advance the counter-corruption cause through combined legal and advocacy efforts on this particular case.


We raise awareness among the general public on issues of corruption, transparency and accountability through education, seminars, trainings, e.g., celebrating the International Anti-Corruption Day, providing trainings to civil servants mainly commune councilors and publishing in CSD’s publications.




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March 2008