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Public Forum Program



Established in 1996, the National Issues Forum or commonly known as the Public Forum Unit provides an outlet for public sentiments during a time when the socio-economic, political and cultural dimensions of Cambodia were still being put in place after so many years of destruction. The public fora produced by the Unit are designed to facilitate cooperation dialogue among government, private sector, civil society, and the general public. CSD sees the Public Forum Unit as crucial to the building of Cambodia's foundation as a democratic society.


The upcoming trials of the alleged former leaders of the Khmer Rouge, is a significant component of this reconciliation process which CSD will address through its public forums on “Justice & National Reconciliation”.  The main goals of the forums are (i) to disseminate information regarding the Khmer Rouge Tribunal and (ii) to help manage the expectations of the participants as to what the Khmer Rouge Tribunal can achieve in terms of peace, justice and reconciliation. To achieve these goals, CSD will provide a safe venue for open dialogue and discussions amongst the provincial and Phnom Penh participants.


In pre-ECCC 2000, CSD conducted the 1st series on “Justice & National Reconciliation” in (i) Battambang, (ii) Phnom Penh, and (iii) Sihanoukville.  CSD conducted its 2nd series of forums in 2006 in (i) former Khmer Rouge stronghold Pailin, (ii) Kampot (with participants from Phnom Voar, Koh Sla, Kampong Trach, Anlong Kropoh, Kep and Sihanoukville), and (iii) Kratie (ethnic minority participants from Mondolkiri, Rattanakirri, and Stung Treng).


In the next three years, CSD plans to conduct at least 6 public forums per year across Cambodia, including arranging for some 50 provincial participants to tour the ECCC and other Phnom Penh sites prior to each forum, and culminating in a Phnom Penh conference at the end of each year.




Report of the National Issues Forum 1996-2004

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